Active Volunteer Projects
Info on how to Donate CPU Cycles, Storage, and Bandwidth

Wikipedia Database Backup How to Volunteer
Wikipedia Database Mirrors

Local Mirror of Latest Wikipedia (~6 TB)

BOINC Distributed Computing - How to Volunteer
SETI Research Info
SETI Beta Research Info

Local Server Participation

NTP Time Server - How to Volunteer

Local Server Participation - Stratum 2 - Info

Torrents Seeded Locally (~500 GB): - Details

Free Academic Torrents

Free AutoCad Files Torrents

Raspberry Pi Operating System Torrents

Wikipedia Backup Torrents

Open Library - Gutenberg Project Torrents

Open Archive Torrents

Libre Office Torrents

Linux Mint Torrents

Kali Linux Torrents

Debian Linux Torrents

NetRunner Linux Torrents

MX Linux Torrents

Manjaro Linux Torrents

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Last modified: 13 Nov 2019